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  2. No 10 furious at leak of paper predicting shortages after no-deal Brexit
    19:30 UTC | 3m read
  3. No-deal Brexit: key points of Operation Yellowhammer report
    19:27 UTC | 1m read
  4. UK to ‘end freedom of movement for EU citizens on day one of Brexit’
    19:17 UTC
  5. Emails reveal Boris Johnson laying groundwork for election campaign
    18:05 UTC | 3m read
  6. Nicola Jennings on Operation Yellowhammer – cartoon
    17:51 UTC | 396 comments
  7. The Guardian view on EU citizens’ rights: Johnson’s warm words are worthless | Editorial
    17:30 UTC | 2m read | 287 comments
  8. Labour and Tory MPs opposed to No Deal Brexit plan 'radical' new law to block it
    16:05 UTC | 2m read | 129 comments
  9. Michael Gove Says No-Deal Brexit Will Mean 'Some Bumps In The Road'
    15:54 UTC | 3m read
  10. Now we know the cost of no deal, MPs must do whatever it takes | Matthew d’Ancona
    15:18 UTC | 4m read | 2,308 comments
  11. Ben Wheatley to direct zombie-pensioner TV satire on divided Britain
    14:10 UTC | 1m read
  12. Tory chairman clashes with Jamie Oliver after he blames Brexit for restaurant failures
    13:29 UTC | 1m read
  13. Independent Group for Change vows to 'carry on' after poll reveals it has 0% support
    12:53 UTC | 4m read
  14. Speaker John Bercow holds covert talks with MPs plotting to stop a no-deal Brexit
    11:51 UTC | 2m read | 782 comments
  15. G7 leaders need some clear-the-air talks rather than fake smiles | Larry Elliott
    11:05 UTC | 3m read | 121 comments
  16. Brexit: leaked papers predict food shortages and port delays
    10:26 UTC | 4m read
  17. Jeremy Corbyn to jet off on four-day trip to Ghana instead of rallying cross-party support
    10:06 UTC | 2m read | 574 comments
  18. Jamie Oliver says restaurant collapse 'ruined' his 40th
    09:40 UTC | 2m read
  19. 9 ways No Deal Brexit will cause chaos according to Operation Yellowhammer leak*
    09:12 UTC | 1m read
  20. Has Boris Johnson hatched a cunning no-deal Brexit plan? | Stewart Lee
    09:00 UTC | 3m read | 605 comments
  21. Brexit Begins: Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay signs 'commencement order'
    08:35 UTC | 2m read | 2,158 comments
  22. Jamie Oliver blames Brexit for the collapse of his restaurant chain
    08:08 UTC | 2m read | 4,515 comments
  23. Jeremy Corbyn wants a general election, but is his party ready to fight one? | Andrew Rawnsley*
    08:00 UTC | 6m read | 3,880 comments
  24. Brexit party MEPs’ links to alt-right media agenda exposed*
    08:00 UTC | 5m read
  25. G7 leaders wait nervously for Boris Johnson’s debut on the world stage
    08:00 UTC | 3m read
  26. What next for British foreign policy in a post-Brexit world? | Christopher Hill
    05:00 UTC | 4m read
  27. MPs won’t be forgiven if they fail to stop Boris Johnson’s Brexit ploy | Gina Miller*
    05:00 UTC | 3m read
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  29. Jamie Oliver blames restaurant collapse on Brexit - moaning it ruined his 40th*
    23:00 UTC | 1m read
  30. The 17 Tories who could bring down the PM
    22:44 UTC | 5m read | 848 comments
  31. Boris Johnson's Brexit script is left in a pub by a 'drunk' official
    21:54 UTC | 2m read | 407 comments
  32. New bid to block No Deal Brexit by activists in Northern Ireland could be funded by legal aid
    21:39 UTC | 1m read
  33. 'Our country is on the brink': More than 100 MPs ask Boris Johnson to recall parliament
    21:20 UTC | 2m read
  34. The Businesses Stockpiling For A 'Disastrous' No-Deal Brexit
    21:13 UTC | 5m read
  35. Prime Minister accuses Philip Hammond and co of 'gravely damaging' Britain's national interest
    21:12 UTC | 4m read | 1,576 comments
  36. Jeremy Corbyn pleads with MPs: back me now before it’s too late
    20:20 UTC | 5m read
  37. Labour and Tory MPs plot ‘radical’ law to thwart no-deal Brexit
    20:20 UTC | 5m read
  38. HRT drug takers urged not to resort to foreign websites amid UK shortage
    19:27 UTC | 1m read
  39. A trade deal with Trump will change Britain for the worse
    16:00 UTC | 2m read | 1,126 comments
  40. Tory MP accuses Boris Johnson of causing death threats against him in damning condemnation of 'demagogue' prime minister
    12:55 UTC | 6m read
  41. Dominic Grieve: PM's rhetoric led directly to death threats
    12:49 UTC | 3m read
  42. Corbyn’s plot to become caretaker PM dealt further blow
    11:09 UTC
  43. Philip Hammond wins backing of senior Tory as calls grow to deselect former Chancellor
    11:01 UTC | 3m read | 706 comments
  44. Last-minute holiday deals in the Med and beyond
    10:50 UTC | 3m read
  45. British Airways, as an employee I'm begging you, please stop deporting migrants
    10:07 UTC | 9m read
  46. The odds on how long Boris Johnson will stay in office as Prime Minister, as no-deal Brexit uncertainty looms
    09:37 UTC
  47. Dominic Cummings pledges to take Britain out of the EU and then 'smash' Corbyn in an election
    09:02 UTC | 1m read
  48. Conservative MP admits Commons cannot agree on plan to stop Boris Johnson forcing no-deal Brexit
    07:30 UTC | 5m read
  49. How Greta Thunberg became the new front in the Brexit culture war | Gaby Hinsliff
    05:00 UTC | 4m read | 1,243 comments
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  51. Ken Clarke puts himself forward to lead the government if Boris Johnson is ousted from No.10
    23:28 UTC | 7m read
  52. Brexit: Voters firmly reject Boris Johnson's plan to crash out of EU with no deal, poll finds
    23:00 UTC | 4m read
  53. Martin Rowson on Jeremy Corbyn and a potential unity government – cartoon
    19:00 UTC | 650 comments
  54. Boris Johnson to head to Paris and Berlin in bid to break Brexit deadlock*
    17:14 UTC | 2m read
  55. Who can Corbyn convince to back him as caretaker PM?
    16:45 UTC | 1m read
  56. Brexit: Corbyn hits back at MPs refusing to support him as PM*
    16:00 UTC | 8m read
  57. Dominic Grieve says he 'will not facilitate' a Corbyn government after backlash from furious Tories
    15:31 UTC | 18m read
  58. Exclusive: Leaked Doc Reveals Civil Servants Told To Report 'Unhelpful Narratives' On Brexit To No.10
    15:23 UTC | 4m read
  59. ‘National Unity’: the fantasy flick that will never make it out of development | Marina Hyde
    15:01 UTC | 3m read | 1,368 comments
  60. Jeremy Corbyn lashes out at Jo Swinson and says it is 'not up to her' who is the next PM
    14:51 UTC | 4m read
  61. How far will they go? The Tory tribes opposing Brexit
    14:49 UTC | 3m read
  62. Jeremy Corbyn hits back at Jo Swinson over plan to block no-deal Brexit
    14:32 UTC | 2m read
  63. Philip Hammond backed by senior local Tory over Brexit stance
    14:24 UTC | 3m read
  64. Germany expects No Deal Brexit because the EU will defy Boris Johnson over the Irish border backstop
    13:33 UTC | 16m read | 4,486 comments
  65. By dismissing Corbyn’s overtures, the Lib Dems are showing their true colours | Owen Jones
    12:43 UTC | 2m read | 2,594 comments
  66. Dominic Grieve: I don’t want to put Jeremy Corbyn into No 10
    12:06 UTC | 3m read
  67. 'They're Jeremy Corbyn's useful idiots': Brexiteers demand Tory traitors face no confidence votes
    11:45 UTC | 14m read
  68. Tory MP urges Boris Johnson to honour citizens' rights pledge
    11:28 UTC | 1m read
  69. Germany expects No Deal and will not renegotiate, says leaked briefing
    11:17 UTC | 1m read
  70. Maybe basing Brexit strategy on the songs of Meat Loaf isn't such a bad idea
    10:31 UTC | 3m read
  71. I found a loudmouth political troll who had stumbled into our non-virtual world – it didn't end well for him
    10:21 UTC | 26m read
  72. Dating blogger claims he would never date a Brexiteer
    10:16 UTC | 2m read
  73. More than 200 children have died in Idlib since April yet we are forgetting about the Syrian conflict
    09:29 UTC | 6m read
  74. I’m a GP afraid for my patients in case of no-deal Brexit
    09:17 UTC | 6m read
  75. The Iranian oil tanker row has left everyone with a win – except bungling John Bolton and the US hawks
    08:50 UTC | 15m read
  76. Jo Swinson says she would work with Labour to avoid no-deal Brexit*
    08:48 UTC | 2m read
  77. British Steel set to be bought by Turkish army's pension fund
    08:41 UTC | 1m read
  78. Philip Hammond faces confidence vote in his own constituency over his anti-No Deal Brexit stance
    08:26 UTC | 3m read
  79. Boris Johnson fires Brexit warning to MPs plotting with Jeremy Corbyn
    07:41 UTC | 11m read
  80. I helped to launch Change UK – the fiasco that followed holds powerful lessons for Remainers
    07:40 UTC | 18m read
  81. Tory rebels welcome plan to block no-deal Brexit by making Jeremy Corbyn PM*
    07:03 UTC | 2m read
  82. Brexit news: Ken Clarke prepared to be caretaker PM as senior Tory rebels join Swinson in rejecting Corbyn*
    06:53 UTC | 8m read
  83. Boris Johnson facing no-deal Brexit crisis as support to oust him grows
    05:41 UTC
  84. Corbynites take aim at Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson as she snubs plot
    01:42 UTC | 1m read
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  86. NHS recruits 4,000 Asian nurses to take the places of EU nationals who left due to Brexit
    23:54 UTC | 1m read
  87. LEO McKINSTRY: This lofty clique will do anything to obstruct democracy 
    22:17 UTC | 3m read
  88. Furious Tories warn rebel MPs they'll never be forgiven for cosying up to Jeremy Corbyn over Brexit*
    21:48 UTC | 7m read
  89. Lib Dems urged to back Corbyn as interim PM to stop no-deal Brexit
    18:32 UTC | 4m read
  90. European markets rattled as global recession fears linger*
    18:31 UTC | 3m read
  91. Tory MP Says Jeremy Corbyn As Prime Minister Is Better Than No-Deal Brexit
    17:55 UTC | 3m read
  92. Sarah Wollaston: Corbyn government may be 'lesser of two evils'*
    17:49 UTC | 4m read
  93. The Guardian view on MPs and no-deal Brexit: mobilise the majority | Editorial
    17:45 UTC | 2m read | 3,055 comments
  94. Grant Shapps blasts Tory rebels considering helping Jeremy Corbyn oust Boris Johnson over Brexit
    17:34 UTC | 9m read
  95. Jo Swinson offers to meet Jeremy Corbyn to discuss no-deal Brexit blocking plans
    17:18 UTC | 1m read
  96. A Jeremy Corbyn government would be 'less damaging' than a No Deal Brexit says TORY  backbencher
    17:13 UTC | 15m read
  97. Brexit: where do parties stand on Corbyn plan to avoid no deal?
    16:44 UTC | 1m read
  98. If Jo Swinson is serious about stopping a no-deal Brexit, she must support Corbyn | Jonathan Lis
    16:25 UTC | 2m read
  99. Sheep Flock To Westminster In Anti-Brexit Protest
    16:19 UTC | 3m read
  100. Sheep Flock To Westminster In Anti-Brexit Protest
    15:58 UTC
  101. Jo Swinson says Corbyn cannot become temporary PM – video
    15:20 UTC
  102. Dear Jo Swinson, surely stopping no-deal Brexit is more important than scoring points over Corbyn?
    15:01 UTC | 17m read
  103. Anti-Brexit campaigners herd flock of sheep along Whitehall
    14:31 UTC | 1m read
  104. Corbyn has taken a brave step. Now he must rule out any ‘Labour Brexit’ | Paul Mason
    14:06 UTC | 3m read | 2,212 comments
  105. Jo Swinson would do anything to stop a no-deal Brexit, but she won't do that
    13:27 UTC | 7m read
  106. Dear prime minister, a 'terrible collaboration' with Brussels against no-deal Brexit actually sounds like a great idea
    13:09 UTC | 7m read
  107. No-deal Brexit could force half of UK farms to go bust
    12:49 UTC
  108. Spend, spend, spend: spirit of Viv Nicholson lives on among shoppers | Larry Elliott*
    12:39 UTC | 4m read
  109. Aston Martin shares plummet to record low
    12:37 UTC | 1m read
  110. Jeremy Corbyn won’t get what he wants because he is less popular than a no-deal Brexit*
    12:32 UTC | 5m read
  111. Tories set aside £25m for 'express freight service' to ensure medicine supply after Brexit
    12:06 UTC | 1m read
  112. Tory Remainer rebels AGREE to meet with Jeremy Corbyn to discuss plans to block No Deal Brexit
    12:06 UTC | 8m read
  113. UK told to accept US food standards, including chlorination and GM, in any trade deal*
    11:43 UTC | 3m read
  114. Tory Rebels To Meet Jeremy Corbyn For Talks On Blocking No-Deal Brexit
    11:37 UTC | 2m read
  115. Brexiteers promised a new dawn for UK farming, not agricultural Armageddon | Polly Toynbee
    11:33 UTC | 3m read | 2,914 comments
  116. Remainers will do anything to stop Brexit, except install Corbyn as PM. Why? | Rafael Behr
    11:29 UTC | 3m read
  117. How Bruce Springsteen saved a Pakistani teenager from the Luton suburbs
    11:20 UTC | 4m read
  118. Lib Dems back Clarke or Harman over Corbyn to lead interim government*
    11:11 UTC | 6m read
  119. Jo Swinson's first big speech as Lib Dem leader: here's what she said – and what she really meant
    10:33 UTC | 5m read
  120. UK MUST accept US food standards if it wants a post-Brexit trade deal, claims American farming chief
    09:12 UTC | 3m read
  121. Corbyn: Westminster should not block second Scotland poll
    09:10 UTC | 2m read
  122. Boris Johnson is not only willing to risk peace in Northern Ireland – he's destroying a US trade deal too
    09:07 UTC | 7m read
  123. What Dominic Cummings said is true – the Tories don’t care about the NHS | Julie Ward
    09:00 UTC | 2m read | 660 comments
  124. Tory backbencher says Boris Johnson's Brexit Remainer 'collaborator' jibe will risk MPs' safety
    09:00 UTC | 15m read
  125. Brexit: Jeremy Corbyn says he will call no-confidence vote to stop no deal – video
    08:52 UTC
  126. Rebel Tories agree to meet Corbyn to stop no-deal Brexit*
    08:19 UTC | 3m read
  127. Brexit: Corbyn plans to call no-confidence vote to defeat no-deal
    08:16 UTC | 5m read
  128. Labour to call vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson 'within days' of Parliament's return
    08:00 UTC | 2m read
  129. Brexit: Labour to attempt to bring down Boris Johnson's government within 'days' of parliament resuming
    07:31 UTC | 5m read
  130. Jeremy Corbyn's 'desperate' plan to oust Boris Johnson and become caretaker PM on life support
    07:26 UTC | 15m read
  131. Boris Johnson news: Labour calls Swinson 'childish' after Lib Dem leader rejects Corbyn plan to thwart no-deal Brexit by becoming PM*
    07:14 UTC | 21m read
  132. Business news - live: UK told to accept US food standards after Brexit, as British farmers warn of no-deal 'decimation'*
    06:27 UTC | 12m read
  133. Jeremy Corbyn wants to be caretaker prime minister to block no-deal Brexit
    05:47 UTC
  134. I Remember The Omagh Bloodshed – Boris Johnson's No-Deal Brexit Risks A Return To Violence
    05:30 UTC | 4m read
  135. How the 'neithers' could decide Northern Ireland's political fate
    05:00 UTC | 7m read
  136. Obsession with white working class fuels inequality in north, study warns
    05:00 UTC | 2m read
  137. Half of UK farms could fail after no-deal Brexit, report warns
    05:00 UTC | 2m read
  138. Philip Hammond's No Deal grenade: War with Boris Johnson as former Chancellor leads delay plot*
    00:09 UTC | 6m read
  139. ⦿ Wednesday 14 August 2019 £1 = $1.206 / €1.0824
  140. Arron Banks sparks fury after sick 'joke' about Greta Thunberg drowning
    23:14 UTC | 6m read
  141. High-speed train will be used to ferry medicine to the UK from France in £25m No Deal Brexit plan
    23:08 UTC | 2m read
  142. An 'Express Freight Service' Is Going To Bring Urgent Medicines To The UK After Brexit
    23:01 UTC | 3m read
  143. Emergency medical supplies could be airlifted into UK after Brexit
    23:01 UTC | 1m read
  144. Labour leader writes to rebel Tory MPs offering to fight for new referendum if made Prime Minister
    21:34 UTC | 10m read
  145. Jeremy Corbyn urges opposition leaders and Tory rebels to help oust PM
    21:30 UTC | 4m read
  146. Jeremy Corbyn Urges Tory Rebels To Back Him As PM To Stop No-Deal Brexit
    21:30 UTC | 3m read
  147. MPs raise fears over post-Brexit cash for poorest parts of Britain
    20:00 UTC | 1m read
  148. Steve Bell on Boris Johnson and the Brexit standoff – cartoon
    19:12 UTC | 4,160 comments
  149. Johnson sparks cross-party backlash over Brexit 'collaboration' claim
    19:02 UTC | 3m read
  150. Fifty years since British troops deployed in Northern Ireland, the border question is as relevant as ever
    18:37 UTC
  151. No trade deal if Good Friday Agreement is undermined, top US Democrat warns Britain
    18:19 UTC | 2m read
  152. Labour bloc plans 'radical' move to push through Brexit deal
    18:09 UTC | 3m read
  153. The UK faces a nation-defining battle that will split the Tory party | Martin Kettle
    17:59 UTC | 4m read
  154. UK could unilaterally exit EU in next 10 days, senior Tory MP says
    17:45 UTC | 2m read
  155. The Guardian view on Brexit and the economy: storm clouds on the horizon | Editorial
    17:30 UTC | 2m read | 2,114 comments
  156. Toilet paper shelves ‘could be empty’ if no-deal Brexit causes supply delays
    17:22 UTC
  157. Brexit supporter who brought Eurostar to a standstill on roof of tunnel at St Pancras jailed
    16:35 UTC | 2m read
  158. Boris Johnson is coy AGAIN about post-Brexit general election as he takes questions on Facebook Live
    15:59 UTC | 3m read
  159. Len McCluskey: there is no path to a second Brexit referendum*
    15:52 UTC | 1m read
  160. German economy shrinks as exports fall but euro zone GDP still grows
    15:11 UTC | 18m read
  161. Brexiteers form support group for people branded ‘nazis’ over their views
    14:21 UTC
  162. New Ukip leader claims traitorous 'EU cult' is betraying Brexit*
    13:46 UTC | 3m read
  163. At Boris Johnson's first ever 'People's PMQs', it took the prime minister less than 10 seconds to start lying
    13:26 UTC | 7m read
  164. Johnson’s government doesn’t care about no-deal sceptics like Philip Hammond | Katy Balls
    13:26 UTC | 2m read | 1,621 comments
  165. Brexit: No chance of US trade deal if Irish accord hit - Pelosi
    13:21 UTC | 3m read
  166. 'This isn't good': The major market indicator that preceded the last seven US recessions just happened again*
    13:08 UTC | 19m read
  167. Boris says voters want Brexit and not an election during first People’s PMQs
    13:06 UTC
  168. Brexiteers hit back at Philip Hammond over criticism of Boris Johnson's Brexit plan
    13:01 UTC | 14m read
  169. No chance of US-UK deal if Northern Ireland peace at risk – Pelosi*
    13:00 UTC | 2m read
  170. Johnson's Facebook PMQs show how politicians can bypass scrutiny
    12:56 UTC | 2m read
  171. Johnson accuses MPs and EU of 'terrible collaboration' over Brexit*
    12:27 UTC | 3m read
  172. I've been talking to Brussels insiders and this is what they told me about a no-deal Brexit
    11:45 UTC | 6m read
  173. Government says EU citizens living in UK will not have to pay for NHS care*
    11:34 UTC | 20m read
  174. Boris Johnson speaks LIVE on Facebook in first 'People's PMQs'*
    11:30 UTC | 13m read
  175. House prices in south of England fall for first time since 2009
    11:27 UTC | 1m read
  176. Jeremy Corbyn Has 'Surrendered The Pitch' To Boris Johnson, Claim MPs And Activists
    11:18 UTC | 6m read
  177. Boris Johnson admits chance of no-deal Brexit is now no longer 'a million to one'
    11:18 UTC | 9m read
  178. Bristol Brexiteers form support group to discuss leaving the UK in a 'safe space'
    11:08 UTC | 2m read
  179. Judge rejects court action against Boris Johnson over £350m Brexit claim*
    10:39 UTC | 2m read
  180. Brexit: Hammond says PM's demands 'wreck' chance of new deal
    10:14 UTC | 5m read
  181. Brexit: Ministers to spend £300m to bring in emergency food and medicine supplies after no deal*
    10:01 UTC | 10m read
  182. Remainer LOSES court bid to take PM Boris Johnson to Supreme Court over £350m EU referendum bus
    09:51 UTC | 9m read
  183. Boris Johnson: Court quashes attempt to prosecute prime minister over Brexit bus 'lies'
    09:41 UTC | 9m read
  184. Government warns NHS hospitals to prepare to charge newly-arrived EU citizens after a No Deal Brexit
    09:19 UTC | 2m read
  185. Philip Hammond 'Very Confident' MPs Will Block No-Deal Brexit
    09:16 UTC | 2m read
  186. Boris Johnson hosts live 'people's PMQs' - as it happened*
    08:55 UTC | 8m read | 5,421 comments
  187. Boris Johnson must slap down the DUP over the backstop to avoid a no-deal Brexit
    08:52 UTC | 5m read
  188. Philip Hammond: MPs can stop Boris Johnson delivering no-deal Brexit
    08:48 UTC | 3m read
  189. Tory civil war ramps up as Boris Johnson pushes forward with no deal
    08:41 UTC | 2m read
  190. UK inflation leaps to 2.1 per cent in shock rise
    08:40 UTC | 14m read
  191. If Priti Patel backs this unfair minimum salary threshold for migrants, people like me won't stand a chance*
    08:31 UTC | 5m read
  192. I have a plan to defeat Dominic Cummings and Brexit in nine steps
    08:30 UTC | 8m read
  193. Speaker to ‘fight with every breath’ to stop Boris suspending parliament for Brexit
    08:25 UTC
  194. Philip Hammond leads Tory attack on Boris Johnson over No Deal Brexit*
    07:25 UTC | 12m read
  195. Boris Johnson news: PM abandons claim no-deal Brexit is 'one-in-a-million' risk, amid barrage of abuse on Facebook Q&A*
    06:24 UTC | 8m read
  196. John Bercow Warns He Will Fight Boris Johnson 'With Every Breath' To Stop Parliament Suspension
    06:23 UTC | 2m read
  197. Dominic Cummings targeted as Hammond claims Boris Johnson allowing 'unelected people' to 'pull the strings' in Number 10
    05:50 UTC | 5m read
  198. Boris accused of 'betraying Brexit vote with No Deal by listening to unelected saboteurs'
    02:23 UTC | 2m read
  199. Philip Hammond says Boris Johnson risks betraying the Brexit referendum result
    00:57 UTC | 2m read
  200. ⦿ Tuesday 13 August 2019 £1 = $1.2062 / €1.0796
  201. John Bercow vows to fight 'with every breath' to halt any bid by Boris Johnson to suspend Parliament
    22:51 UTC | 5m read
  202. No-deal Brexit would be a betrayal, says Philip Hammond
    22:36 UTC | 2m read
  203. Bercow will 'fight with every breath' to stop Johnson closing parliament for no deal*
    22:32 UTC | 2m read
  204. Philip Hammond Accuses Boris Johnson Of Referendum 'Betrayal' With No-Deal Brexit
    22:24 UTC | 3m read
  205. Voice of the Mirror: Brexit Britain should be wary of Trump's America First policies
    21:35 UTC | 1m read
  206. Britain's jobs boom: More than a million people have found employment since the Brexit vote*
    21:20 UTC | 7m read
  207. Labour activists tell Corbyn he must back cancelling Brexit to stop UK crashing out with no deal
    19:58 UTC | 10m read
  208. Will there be food shortages after Brexit and do you need to stockpile food?
    17:50 UTC | 2m read
  209. After the Brexit storm, a new political alliance could emerge | Rafael Behr
    17:31 UTC | 5m read | 837 comments
  210. What is the Brexit backstop? Northern Ireland policy explained
    17:31 UTC | 3m read
  211. Tom Watson urges Labour to work with Lib Dems to stop no-deal Brexit
    17:07 UTC | 2m read
  212. Pulling out of EU meetings is a reckless PR stunt that will backfire on Britain | Chris Davies
    16:19 UTC | 2m read | 1,100 comments
  213. Brexit settled status explained: EU citizen registration rules and when you should apply
    15:30 UTC | 7m read
  214. John Bolton doesn’t want a trade deal with the UK – he wants to colonise us | Simon Tisdall
    15:20 UTC | 3m read | 1,223 comments
  215. We can't say we didn't know John Bolton was a snake before we took him in
    14:53 UTC | 15m read
  216. Police officer charged with assault during pro-Brexit UK 'yellow vest' demonstration
    14:41 UTC | 3m read
  217. Brexit, Iran, Huawei: What John Bolton’s ‘interim deals’ could cost*
    13:31 UTC | 3m read
  218. Labour MP Says Jeremy Corbyn Should Back A National Unity Government To Stop No-Deal Brexit If Necessary
    13:22 UTC | 3m read
  219. Amber Rudd: 'No guarantees' on No Deal Brexit job losses*
    13:09 UTC | 2m read
  220. A Legal Bid To Stop A No-Deal Brexit Is Going To Be Heard In Court
    13:07 UTC | 3m read
  221. Next CEO and Leave supporter says Britain can avoid no-deal chaos
    12:47 UTC | 3m read
  222. Tory MP accidentally reveals 'General Election 2019' email
    12:27 UTC | 1m read
  223. Of course the US supports a no deal – it makes a minnow out of Britain | Gaby Hinsliff
    12:14 UTC | 2m read | 2,185 comments
  224. Risks of no-deal Brexit can be managed by government, says Rudd
    12:11 UTC | 1m read
  225. Amber Rudd Denies 'Selling Her Soul' To Keep Job In Boris Johnson's Cabinet
    11:55 UTC | 2m read
  226. Next retail boss U-turns to say No Deal Brexit will cause 'mild disruption' at worst
    11:29 UTC | 2m read
  227. 'Self-damaging gesture': Boris Johnson plans to pull UK officials from EU meetings ahead of Brexit deadline
    11:24 UTC | 5m read
  228. John Bolton's US-UK Trade Deal Is Easy To Talk Up But Hard To Negotiate*
    11:14 UTC | 4m read
  229. Concerns raised over Erasmus student scheme as no-deal Brexit looms
    11:05 UTC | 1m read
  230. Brexit: Huge march calling for fresh referendum to be held less than two weeks before 31 October deadline for leaving EU
    10:52 UTC | 4m read
  231. UK wages rise at fastest rate for a decade despite Brexit risks
    10:25 UTC | 2m read
  232. Brexit: Legal bid to stop No Deal to go ahead in September*
    10:20 UTC | 3m read
  233. This fascistic contempt for democracy is frightening – we don't run our country by opinion polls
    09:12 UTC | 3m read
  234. Brexit and Boeing 737 Max dent Tui profits*
    09:06 UTC | 1m read
  235. UK now a long way from no-deal 'gridlock and chaos' says Next boss
    08:49 UTC | 1m read
  236. Boris Johnson 'believes EU offer new Brexit deal at eleventh hour'*
    08:45 UTC | 8m read
  237. Brexit: judge fast-tracks challenge to stop Johnson forcing no deal*
    08:28 UTC | 2m read
  238. If Caroline Lucas truly wants to stop a no-deal Brexit, she must work with Corbyn | Phil McDuff
    08:00 UTC | 2m read | 2,324 comments
  239. UK unemployment hits 1.33 million after rising by 31,000 in three months, official data shows
    07:45 UTC | 14m read
  240. Brexit: Judge says legal bid to stop Boris Johnson forcing no-deal will be heard before 31 October, in win for campaigners
    07:44 UTC | 4m read
  241. Brexit: Campaigners to find out if anti-No Deal legal bid can go ahead*
    07:43 UTC | 2m read
  242. Boris Johnson news: Brexiteers' bid to force no-deal suffers legal blow, as constitutional expert warns UK 'heading for deep trouble'*
    06:45 UTC | 21m read
  243. Thousands of EU academics left posts at leading British universities after Brexit vote, analysis finds
    06:37 UTC | 15m read
  244. Brexit weekly briefing: snap election looks increasingly likely
    06:00 UTC | 4m read
  245. Tui hit by 737 Max grounding and Brexit worries
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  246. Brexit has turned our government into an Orwellian Ministry of Truth | Polly Toynbee
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  247. Nationalism in England is not just a rightwing nostalgia trip | John Denham
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  248. Nigel Farage sparks angry backlash after attack on Harry and Meghan Markle
    00:50 UTC | 8m read
  249. ⦿ Monday 12 August 2019 £1 = $1.2084 / €1.0774
  250. TV weatherman Bill Giles claims climate change could be a BOOST for Britain
    23:22 UTC | 1m read
  251. Weatherman Bill Giles says climate change is good for UK as it'll boost tourism
    22:59 UTC | 1m read
  252. Green MP apologises after naming all-female Cabinet and choosing only white colleagues
    22:05 UTC | 1m read
  253. German financial sector 'expects No Deal' and wants no more concessions from EU
    22:00 UTC | 1m read
  254. SARAH VINE: Green MP's female Cabinet idea is liberal fascism at its very worst
    21:38 UTC | 6m read
  255. Majority of Britons back suspending Parliament to get Brexit done
    21:31 UTC | 9m read
  256. No-deal Brexit battle set to come to head in September
    19:40 UTC | 3m read
  257. Trump Aide Says Post-Brexit Trade Deal Can Be Reached 'Very Quickly'*
    18:18 UTC | 4m read
  258. Caroline Lucas apologises for omitting BAME women from proposal
    17:56 UTC | 2m read
  259. Trump speaks to Boris Johnson and tells him he is looking forward to meeting UK's new prime minister
    17:45 UTC | 3m read
  260. Boris Johnson talks tough but still hasn’t said what he’s doing to get a Brexit deal | Poppy Trowbridge
    16:56 UTC | 5m read
  261. No, white women cannot represent all women*
    16:33 UTC | 6m read
  262. Joanna Lumley calls on Boris Johnson to bring in tax on single-use plastic bottles
    15:21 UTC | 3m read
  263. Boris Johnson is 'clearing the ground' for election with raft of policy pledges
    15:17 UTC | 2m read
  264. Caroline Lucas apologises for proposing all-white female emergency cabinet
    14:59 UTC | 2m read
  265. Nicola Sturgeon makes VERY risqué gag on Loose Women about unwinding 'with the help of my husband'
    14:36 UTC | 1m read
  266. Women cannot stop a no-deal Brexit alone
    14:22 UTC | 6m read
  267. Boris Johnson planning whirlwind trip to Berlin and Paris to deliver Brexit demands in person
    14:14 UTC | 3m read
  268. Joanna Lumley says Brexit is a distraction from the global environmental crisis
    14:05 UTC | 2m read
  269. It has taken Dominic Cummings less than two weeks to become everything he hates
    13:26 UTC | 2m read
  270. Grouse shooting is brutal animal cruelty, pure and simple – it needs to be banned
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  271. No 10 expects rebel move against no-deal Brexit on 9 September*
    13:05 UTC | 4m read
  272. John Bolton in UK to meet Johnson and Brexit hardliners
    13:05 UTC | 2m read
  273. Britons' fear of unemployment spikes in last five years
    12:57 UTC | 1m read
  274. Boris Johnson made Brexit science pledge at lab which gets £60m EU cash a year
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  275. Brexit: Boris Johnson identifies critical date for MPs trying to block no-deal departure
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  276. Justice Secretary Robert Buckland admits he still believes a No Deal Brexit would cause 'chaos'
    11:48 UTC | 4m read
  277. Pound To Euro Exchange Rate Hits 10-Year Low Amid Fears Around No-Deal Brexit
    11:34 UTC | 3m read
  278. Justice Secretary Repeats Warning About No-Deal Brexit 'Chaos'
    11:34 UTC | 2m read
  279. 'Shameful spin machine': Boris Johnson government criticised over plans for new unit to monitor Brexit news stories
    11:28 UTC | 5m read
  280. Don't let the reckless gamblers of Boris Johnson's 'do or die' Brexit gang pretend they speak for the people*
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  281. What Are Brits Stockpiling Ahead Of Brexit?
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  282. British diplomats to pull out from EU decision-making meetings within days
    09:28 UTC | 2m read
  283. The Pound hits lowest level against euro in decade amid No Deal Brexit warning*
    09:19 UTC | 7m read
  284. Secret Brexit legislation around environmental protections 'must be revealed by government'
    08:37 UTC | 3m read
  285. Time is running out to stop a no deal Brexit, MPs warned
    08:29 UTC
  286. Labour exploring rapid September no-confidence vote in Boris Johnson*
    08:22 UTC | 3m read
  287. One in five voters now hoarding food and medicine ahead of a possible No Deal Brexit
    08:19 UTC | 2m read
  288. Caroline Lucas proposes all-female 'emergency cabinet' to stop no-deal Brexit and push for second referendum
    08:12 UTC | 4m read
  289. Nigel Farage attacks Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for 'irrelevant' campaigns*
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  290. Farmer with land on both sides of Irish border fears no-deal Brexit will hit hard*
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  291. Leaked document reveals rebels' plan to force Boris Johnson to request an 11th hour Brexit extension
    07:50 UTC | 5m read
  292. Pound rebounds after hitting 10-year low against euro on no-deal warning: as it happened*
    07:46 UTC | 15m read
  293. UK spends £4,000,000,000 on stockpiling for chaotic no-deal Brexit
    07:24 UTC
  294. Boris Johnson news: PM discusses Brexit with Trump in phone call, after critical date for commons bid to block no-deal revealed*
    07:10 UTC | 22m read
  295. No-Deal Brexit: One In Five Brits Already Stockpiling Goods
    06:27 UTC | 3m read
  296. ⦿ Sunday 11 August 2019 £1 = $1.2036 / €1.0746
  297. Britons have spent £4bn stockpiling goods in case of no-deal Brexit
    23:01 UTC | 1m read
  298. MPs opposing no-deal Brexit will need new tactics, report says*
    21:31 UTC | 3m read
  299. Head of France's channel ports dismisses fears of No Deal Brexit chaos at Calais and Dover
    20:15 UTC | 1m read
  300. Brexit: Referendum campaigners urge supporters to focus on democratic outrage of Boris Johnson imposing no deal
    20:05 UTC | 5m read
  301. Brexit: MPs plot to rewrite Commons rulebook to prevent Boris Johnson forcing through no deal
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  302. Brexit: Varadkar warns Boris Johnson there will be no renegotiation on Irish backstop ahead of crunch meeting
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  303. Ben Jennings on Sajid Javid's plans for a 50p Brexit coin – cartoon
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  304. Gordon Brown: Union Is ‘Sleepwalking Into Oblivion’ Amid Rise In Nationalism
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  305. Brexit 50p: Activists threaten boycott as treasury draws up plans for millions to enter circulation
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  306. Caroline Lucas Proposes Emergency All-Women Cabinet To Stop No-Deal Brexit And Hold Second Referendum
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  307. Ireland tells Boris Johnson there will be no backstop renegotiation
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  308. Caroline Lucas calls for emergency cabinet of top female politicians to block No-Deal Brexit
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